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My name is Kuba Gretzky. I've been working in cybersecurity industry for more than 10 years. Offensive security software development is my passion. In recent years I've managed to develop several private and open-source security tools, which were recognized by major red teaming companies worldwide.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter @mrgretzky, send me an e-mail at or connect via LinkedIn.

I want to work with passionate and skilled people who treat security seriously. My skills can help companies with vulnerability research and offensive tools development.

In free time I do security research and run a security blog, where I post about my research or new tool releases. I've been a speaker at hacking conferences where I presented my work.

I also do consulting and phishing simulations using my own reverse-proxy tools to demonstrate the weaknesses of multi-factor authentication.

My background is game hacking, which involved a lot of reverse engineering, vulnerability research and software development. That's how I trained most of the skills I'm now using in cybersecurity.

If you're in need of passionate security researcher and software developer, do reach out and let me know what you need.

I am the creator of:

  • Evilginx reverse-proxy phishing framework
  • pwndrop self-deployable file hosting service for red teams
  • BREAKDEV security blog

Here are the services, in detail, I provide:

Offensive Tools Development

If your company runs a red team and/or develops red teaming tools in-house, my skills and expertise can help you with:

  • Evading AV & EDR detection of your payloads
  • Simulating reverse-proxy phishing scenarios
  • Infection payload development
  • C2 and agent development
  • Shellcode development with obfuscation

Phishing Simulations & Consulting

I can prepare a phishing simulation for your company, analyze your company's weaknesses and educate your employees on how attackers work and what they should look out for.

  • One or two week phishing attack simulation targeting company employees
  • Detailed report on phishing engagement results
  • Feedback report on how the security of the company can be improved to protect against phishing attacks

How to contact me: